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    I could care less about the 3D, and would much prefer as physical keyboard (preferably a horizontal one) but the rumored specs on this phone sound great. And it appears that it will be out around the time that the contract on my Android phone is up so the timing is perfect for me.
    Of course, speculating whether or not we'll like a phone that hasn't even been announced yet is a bit premature. I'd certainly want to give it a look over when it comes time to renew my contract though.
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    Surprise! 3d phone sounds awful in concept but allthingds likes the Sprint Evo3D phone, perhaps a webos 3D phone is not farfetched and since there is little content for 3D, HP doesn't have to chase Apple for this market:

    Sprint Nextel Evo 3D Smartphone Review - Roger Cheng - Personal Technology - AllThingsD
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    I wish the leaked roadmap had at least something from WebOS on it. :-( Exclusive: Sprint’s Q3 roadmap includes Epic 2, Samsung ‘full touch 4G’ device, BlackBerry Bold Touch, and more | This is my next...

    These are always partial, so don't assume this means nothing's coming, but it would be so much better if it had something....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Very true but most are complaining about the 3D. Take away the 3D gimmick portion of it and we've got a winner!!!!

    * 4G
    * Virtual keyboard (if no other choice, I could live w/o a physical KB)
    * 32 GB memory
    * SD storage

    But the 3D would be optional, you don't have to use it. I am basing that off of every 3D phone out today ...
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