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    so the veer, touchpad, and pre 3 were introduced in feb, and surely were being worked on months before that...only one of them has been released, with the others coming july 1 and "this summer."

    people in these forums have been debating if the hardware for these devices are already outdated...hard to fathom for current pre and pre plus and pixi users, but possibly true.

    surely, hp is planning on additional devices- probably touchpad/tablet oriented- see today's article...but what about smartphones? We had a leak of a black slab device...but is there a pre4, landscape slider, large 4 inch size or greater device coming as well? I'm sure they are working on newer hardware- but do you think we will get another feb 9th style announcement for upcoming devices for the holiday season?

    just something to think about while we wait eagerly for Att and verizon (?sprint) to complete the certification process for the Pre3.
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    I guess I answered my own question?
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    Get MD!

    As far as the future? We would be silly to think that HP isnt planning something. I mean we know that they are. As far as what? We have seen some leaked into on the slab phone and they already told us about the 7 inch tablet coming out.

    Well other form factor phones be coming? I think its safe to say yes. After the Pre 3 is released I think we will have a much higher demand on hardware coming out. I am sure HP knows this. The Veer is pretty much a new device. (I know its just a small Pre). SO I think more is coming! I can not wait to see how the echo system turns out with new devices and things like PCs.

    If HP plays the cards right then WebOS will have a very promising future. If they don't...Then I guess we are all doomed! Time will tell. I just don't think they wasted all that cash on them for nothing. They will use it. As far as devices go? If its a popular form factor then HP I am more than sure will make it happen! They want out money and we want our devices! Win win if you ask me!

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    Certainly they have some solid prototypes or even preproduction units in some lab. Will they see light of day will depend in some degree on success of current models.

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