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    nyc a la eboy
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    Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, unfortunately I can't seem to load/save the attached images directly with my Touchpad. When I click on the thumbnails they fail to load, the only solution is to 'email attachment' and save to photos from my inbox. Am I missing something?
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    Zelda Wallpaper I use:

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    can I post a wallpaper here directly from my touchpad?
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    i made a few from my Hawaii trip
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkgift View Post
    can I post a wallpaper here directly from my touchpad?
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    Here's a couple I made

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    My photobucket album for Touchpad Wallpapers.
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    Ipad Wallpaper is compatible for Touchpad Hp
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    This was taken at sunset across Port Philip Bay, Melbourne in February 2009. This was just after the horrific Victorian bushfires that also left a lot of ash in the atmosphere several weeks afterwards. We had some awesome sunsets which reminds me that nature can be devastating but also beautiful.
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