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    Overall, I find email on the TouchPad to be better than on webOS phones. However, one of the few things that they got right on the phones and didn't on the TouchPad (IMO, anyway) is email subject headers. Especially on one listserv where most subscribers find the easiest way to update an earlier post is to put it in the subject (and too much is cut off to make sense of it as is), I find it very frustrating to either slide the panels back and forth or hit reply--and discard it--just to read the rest of the subject line for message after message.

    Any homebrewers out there game to take this one one? I'm sure I'm not the only one frustrated by this.
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    Someone started a patch for email headers, but I can't remember if that was part of it or not. I was helping a little on it, but that was a long time ago. I ended up with just a patch to improve the sender and recipient name display.
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    Ah yeah, now I remember. Mostly we chatted on IRC. I don't know if the patch I have installed is the full one or just the part I worked on. I remember there were some unusual things about the code for that area.. Will have to take a peek at it.
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    I was comparing my two TouchPads just now, and I am wondering if you might have this patch installed. I noticed on my un-patched Touchpad, long email subject lines in the message view pane DO wrap, but on the one with this patch installed, they are truncated. They are always truncated in the message list, on both of the TouchPads and on my Pre3. I first noticed on the emulator that the subject lines were wrapping as I was starting to look at the app's source code, so I got out my Touchpads and found the only one that does not wrap them is the patched one.
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    One more update. I confirmed that I have it installed also, but never realized it had changed the subject display. I had also made some changes of my own for contact display, which I don't think are part of the patch that is in Preware. I commented out his changes to the subject display and now it wraps like the stock client did. I also reduced the font-size back to the stock size as I like it better, but left the color change, and reduced the size of the from-name display font, as I've always felt it was too dang big. I have quite a mess of changes in the email app on my Touchpad from the time I was working on this, plus the changes I just made today. I was going to do all of this in the emulator, but the better email header patch won't install there.

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