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    If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen indications that I am working on changing the stock webOS calculator and adding features. The app has a nice framework for adding buttons without too much hassle. So far I've added sin, cos, and tan. I've been looking at other calculators and was wondering what other buttons should be added. I'm using the iOS and Windows layout as a reference right now, though not all of the buttons are planned to be implemented (like sinh, which is likely to be replaced with asin).

    My question: what functions would you like to see in the calculator? List anything, but currently the constraints are:
    - No graphing
    - No 2nd function until the first layer is finalized
    - Function must be either unary or binary, and is preferred if implementable in one or two lines of code. (More advanced functionality can be added later.)

    Please state the function name, a link to how it's calculated if it's not obvious, and the recommended symbol to represent the button.
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    Something that stops it from getting confused when you use the memory function on it would be good
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    Long time ago there was a patch witch adds vibration to key press in Calculator. I'm still miss this feature on TP, can you make it?
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    I'm assuming you talking about for phones as well. In my opinion just make it work like "two calc" from the app catalog but not as ugly.

    Thanks for the effort
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    Taps need to be responsive, one thing that has really bugged me with (stock) webOS Calculator. (Two Calc seems to have addressed the issue, not sure what was done differently.)

    A running view of all current calculations, with the more calculations that are entered, the smaller the fonts get so you can see what you have/haven't entered.

    An option to see all previous calculations.

    A couple of screenshots for examples.
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    I second the responsiveness request, the stock calculator is near useless becuase it constantly misses key presses.
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    Not function per se, but it would be nice to access M-, %, +/- keys without opening keyboard to reach space; maybe tap on "calculator display" part, which seems unused ATM?

    Also, other numeral systems (binary, octal, hexadecimal) would be much more used than trigonometry in my case.

    For me, old PalmOS calculator was near ideal with its easy layout switch -- basic when you start it, but with logic/stat/units/adv. math/trig/finance layouts just a few taps away. In fact, I still use it on my Pre+ via Classic, and even though it's quite crammed with buttons, I can hit them reliably -- and Classic does not even use full screen size of our phones...

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