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    Hello all--and thank you in advance for any replies and help. I am trying to install android on my touchpad. I have been trying to use the novacom installer to create a Palm folder in my programs. I have searched for an answer to this, and downloaded and tried numerous versions of this program from different sources to get the folder to show up. I finally got the program to say that the drivers have been installed, but still, there is no folder. I am frustrated and need some help. I am using windows 7 32 bit. Thanks again for any help.
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    Which installer did you use? The ones from the Palm Open Source page, or webOS Doctor, or webOS SDK? If the former two, novacom.exe should be in C:\Program Files\Palm, Inc. If the latter, C:\Program Files:\HP webOS\SDK\bin.

    In case you need a link to the installer, there's one linked in my guide that is linked in my signature.
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    The way I understood the video, after installing the -novacom driver, the "palm, inc" folder will then show up in my programs. I downloaded the novacom installer directly and used it. I'll watch the video again and see if I can figure out where I missed a step.
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    Which video are you referring to? You'll have to navigate directly to the installation directory, if you're expecting something in the Start menu.
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    I can not get the installer.jar to open. I have tried to open with Java... nothing happens.

    Can anyone help? Dave
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    Is that webOS Doctor, UNI, or WOSQI? I don't remember an installer.jar in any of those programs.

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