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    The [Enyo Devices] Battery Widget thread is closed and the OP link there to its source code on github is 404.

    I've been using Battery Widget 1.0.0 and would like to have "Settings", "Help" & "About" in the drop-down menu.
    "Settings" would have the current "CONFIGURE" options moved there with a temperature in fahrenheit option added, and best of all... an "Enable LunaCE Dash" (like Dash Weather app has).
    The LunaCE dash would add room for the rest of the Dr. Battery info. currently missing from Battery Widget.
    Such as "Capacity left", "Battery Health", "Manufacturer Rating" & "Calculated Left".
    If you could make these updates, perhaps renaming the app to "Dash Battery" and changing the app id to com.choorp.dash-battery would be an option.
    HP Touchpad 32GB
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    Sorry, I've been moving everything around. Here's a new link to the Battery Widget source: I haven't had much luck with getting the thread reopened so I can update the links yet.

    As far as updating the widget to add those features (which are really nice ideas), I don't think I'll be able to. I do not have a Touchpad anymore, so I'm not really motivated to develop for it anymore. Plus, I'm not able to test anything, especially things that rely on LunaCE. If you or someone else wants to take the source and work with it, feel free to do so.

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