This is a little patch that fixes one of my annoyances. For whatever reason the developers of the Facebook app decided it's better for the status update field to be single line rather than multiple. The problem that causes is you can't go back and look at your previous text, and when the half-baked auto correct kicks in (good job, Nuance, not) it gets difficult to edit the correction because you can't scroll the text (something they should fix in Enyo 2, if not already). This patch will convert the single line field into a multiline field, and you can insert newlines as you please. Because you can use Enter to insert newlines, you cannot use it in place of the Update button. So just use the Update button instead. Also note that the text will appear slower than normal, and that is a limitation of the rich text box (the only one that supports multiple lines). Just wait a moment for the text to come up, or type slower. It's the same effect with Just Type, but slightly worse. Sorry, can't do anything about it.

This patch will not be uploaded to Preware, because the Facebook app that ships with the system image is a stub, and the Patch Portal will bulk at real application files if they don't exist in the Doctor image.

Download here:

I will upload to the forums when my computer (which has been sitting at customs for three days and is aggravating me) arrives.