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    I live in Slovenia where we use the letter Č that is not in the keyboard of touchpad. Believe or not, it is very difficult to write in slovene w/o characters Č, Ž and Š. Thanks god the keyboard supports the other two. Since the webOS supports it but it is not avaliable in keyboard and since there are ways to customize the keyboard i wonder how hard would it be for a dev to make a patch for keyboard that would add letter Č to the popup when you hold your finger over C.

    I would be very grateful if you could make a patch for that
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    You should take a look at this post:

    I’ve patched my own keyboard with exactly the characters you need:

    I can send you the IPK for simple installation, if you like. It also includes the last version of my QWERTZ thumb keyboard layout ( which I could replace with the QWERTY thumb, if you whish.
    webOS is simply fabulous

    TouchPad’s Virtual Keyboard Layouts:
    in isagar2004’s post:
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    This sounds great. I am not an expert w/ webos (the most advancet thing that i`ve done is overclock my pre2 and doctor my pre- ), so ipks would be great.
    And yes, please replace qwertz with qwerty. Qwertz is actually the main layout where i live but I use a macbook and apple doesnt include qwertz keyboard so i am used to qwerty now.
    Thanks god webos has so many devs that fix all the holes in os

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