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    So heres everything its been almost 7 hours of searching nothing i will now list all steps ive taken

    1.) just downloaded latest version of java
    2.) took down firewall and virus protector
    3.)googled "universal novacom driver"
    4.) went to the link from google codes here-- Downloads - universal-novacom-installer - Universal Novacom Installer - Google Project Hosting
    5.) opened the download from google chrome which ive only been using
    7.)brought up novacom i hit install it brought up a pop up saying download select file or cancel i hit download
    8.) then says installing driver and intilzing and thus its stuck for ever

    i really need help im using windows vista 32 bit.
    ive tried download the webos doctor thing but gets to 60 mb then stops thats pretty much it please help post anything that would be helpful and i will try it im new and just got my TP yesterday thanks in advanced guys!
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    im so confussed what am i looking for on the thread sorry to ask i just dont understand this much
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    It should automatically jump to the post I'm referring to. If not, scroll down to find links for Windows and Mac versions of novacom.
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    it says windows can not open the file cause it dosent know what program to use is it win rar?
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    or what should i use to open it?
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    I use 7-Zip. Get used to TAR and GZip formats if you're going to use Linux related systems.
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    I had the same thing happen to me. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. I hope the solution given to you works.
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    I have the same issue, running Win7 64bit. Cannot download novacom driver. Any suggestions?
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    Disregard above post, GMMan's likn to the kindle issue post worked, thanks!

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