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    Maybe DanPLC (Music Remix Player) can offer some advice or eblade? @hedami or @ericblade on Twitter.
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    I think you might be referring to that there's no icon in the dashboard. I was just puzzling over that myself a little bit on XO and GVoice, and I think it might be due to a lack of a miniIcon .. I'm not sure if that's the app's miniIcon specified in appinfo.json, or the miniIcon that the enyo Dashboard kind can take as a parameter. I haven't had a chance to test it out, not sure when I will, as I'm waist deep in work this month, and trying to make my self-imposed deadline for SynerGV

    I don't specify a miniIcon in appinfo.json for either app, because my experience is that the TouchPad banner function doesn't work right when a miniIcon is given. So, I hope that this is in the Enyo Dashboard.

    I had a feeling this is what you were trying to do when you were asking questions on the developer forum. Good job, looking quite nice! Hoping to see this come up in Preware soon (or app catalog, if you can do enough of it without using private functions...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    possible to look at the code for the pre3 mp3 player? or other apps like datajog/send2webos and others that use the notifications, or ask some other devs how they managed it?
    I will say that getting that icon to work in DataJog was a trial/error/hack with much help from eblades posts around the dev forums.

    I've had some complaints about the DataJog icon being visible all the time - but you're welcome to use what I did.
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