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    Hi everybody!


    Yandex Maps is map service application, like Google Maps,
    but primary map source is Yandex Maps,
    because it is the best map source for East Europe,

    but my app supports several sources: Yandex, Google, OSM.

    Traffic service provided by Yandex.Map at this moment.
    Have been planned to support the Google traffic also.


    WebOS 3.X - HP Touchpad is a primary target,
    WebOS 2.X - adapted for Pre2, but not all functionality - WebOS 3.X - WebOS 2.X


    ver 0.3.1
    + bluetooth gps fix

    ver 0.3.0
    + tiles source: enable file caching

    ver 0.2.4
    + voice fix
    + zoom in/out buttons
    + traffic on/off

    ver 0.2.3
    + track recording fixes

    ver 0.2.2
    + traffic accidents on/off
    + record track button (in gpx file)
    + UI improves

    ver 0.2.1
    + voice notifications (gps)
    + cursor orientation by movement

    ver 0.2.0
    + yandex api integrated now
    + enabled file logging
    + enabled gpx saving
    + show track on internal GPS on
    + speed meter added
    + startup logic changed (internet connection is not required now)
    + traffic control hidden now
    + UI fixes

    ver 0.1.1
    + saving & restoring current position & zoom
    + internal GPS (HP Touchpad 4G) supported now
    + choosing location source in settings tab (Google Services, internal GPS or bluetooth GPS)

    ver 0.0.7
    - added settings page
    - support location services
    - disable turn off screen while running
    ver 0.0.6
    - improved bluetooth GPS
    - added possibility to choose paired gps devices
    - added gps on/off switch button

    ver 0.0.5
    - maps interaction with zoomin/out
    - 3 map sources: yandex, google, osm
    - traffic with accident events
    - can use Bluetooth GPS devices (WebOS 3.X version)

    Working on
    - extended settings
    - improve UI
    - routing
    - poi
    - address searching
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    great. not that i'm so into cyrillic but to have choices is always great. Perhaps get in contact with 72ka he is developing the new google maps app . Possibly you can share code and/or ideas.
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    updated to 0.2.2
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    update to 0.3.1

    global changes:
    offline cache enabled for all layers

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