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    I'm currently in an temporary open workplace work area which is not very secure, with my touchpad (and its touchstone), my thinkpad and my pre2 (with its touchstone) and a kensington cable to keep it all from growing legs. I run the kensington cable through the touchpad's touchstone legs to keep it from walking. The pre2's touchstone stays put thanks to its grippy base. The phone goes with me wherever I go so that's also secure. My touchpad however has no such protection, so it goes into my bag whenever I get up from my desk. Since we always make sure to have someone around and never leave the workplace all alone, this is sufficient.

    However I've wondered if the concept behind OSX's iAlertU application could/should be implemented in the Touchpad/webOS easily. Maybe even as a Exhibition plugin, to beep, take a picture and otherwise make lots of noise whenever it suspects that the rightful owner might not be around at the time. Seems to me to be doable. Thoughts?
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    That brings up an interesting question; Can the TP do facial recognition? Serious question here.

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    Can a person even recognize a person in a photo from a touchpad? :0
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