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    So, I'm one of many otherwise happy Touchpad owners with only one working speaker. The speaker blow out, for me, really is a minor issue as I don't really listen to music often on my touchpad and for general everyday use I don't even notice that only one speaker works.

    I have been reading some horror stories on this forum and others about HP's warranty repair service, and this made me reluctant to send the device in for repair as I have got myself into a habit of relying on my touchpad for work. For this one time though, I have decided to bite the bullet and get a repair order set up. I'm still waiting for the return mailer to send my Touchpad back but I was wondering whether it is possible to patch the audio output somehow to only play out of one speaker. In this case, the working speaker?

    I don't even know if that's remotely possible, but it'd definitely be of interest to me as normally when I listen to music on the touchpad it's via a bluetooth adapter through my home stereo but on the odd times where I want to quickly stick on some music somewhere, then having half a song play as one channel disappears is a bit annoying.

    Just a thought.
    I'd hate to just pass up on my consumer rights and not get the warranty repair I am entitled to, but at the same time for such a small problem I hate to be without my Touchpad for any length of time.

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    I'm in the same boat. I just got a touchpad and both speakers worked for a short while. Now, only the bottom speaker works. If anyone has a patch to make all audio channels play out of both speakers, or any other solution other than the warranty repair, many of us would be very grateful.
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    i though the app TouchVol could do that balance kind of stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    i though the app TouchVol could do that balance kind of stuff.
    I tried touchvol but I could only seem to get its balance functions to work with headphones plugged in.

    On another note, the rudest UPS man just turned up at my house and took the touchpad with him there and then. I was under the impression that I'd receive the prepaid box first and be able to pack my touchpad up and send it back in my own time. Perhaps that is supposed to be the official process, but clearly no one told the UPS guy who just came to my house. He wanted the device packed up straight away and sent off and clearly wasn't open for negotiation!

    Well, today is 5th March and my beloved Touchpad is off to Hungary. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get back as only 15 minutes have passed and the shakes have started already

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