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    I don't know how I got this as I did not install any themes,apps or tweaks associated with the appearance of touchpad. Mildly annoying as I prefer the standard grey and blue address bar/ progress blue bar combination. Red is just too harsh and distracting for me. Any thoughts on how this happend and how I can correct it would be highly appreciated , Thanks in advance.
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    it means you have the private browsing feature enabled, goto your menus and you can toggle it off.
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    If you mean the standard brwoser, sounds like private browsing is enabled.
    Enable/Disable via the "web" ddropdown menu in the upper left corner.
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    Thanks, I was unaware of that. I thought it had been tweaked behind my back somehow. Now that I know ,private browsing trumps red address bar. Privacy is far more important. Thanks again !

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