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    hi im new here
    anyone here worked on this app for webos ?
    is there any beta ver?
    (sorry if this Q was asked...)

    Waze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the source code (but i have not seen any...):
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    Why is their logo a sperm on wheels?


    No, I don't think there's a webOS app for it at this time.
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    If you were to use a navigation app on the TouchPad, wouldn't you need to be connected to the internet?

    But, if you are looking for a navigation app you should probably contact the folks that make Navit and see what they have planned.
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    hi i will start from...
    I'm from Israel and i have not seen any voice navigation app for webos that has Israel
    here (and started worldwide) there is this WAZE app that is free, open source has traffic report (reroute your way...) ... so i was thinking maybe someone worked with this app

    do you know if navit have Israel map? googled it but it is not clear like addressing to N&GO... +map updates...
    im at touchpad forum as i have seen here Q of development but i have the pre2 & pre3
    sorry if...
    thanks for any help finding a voice navigation app

    BTW is there any "tool" that can be used to "convert"/make this WAZE available for webos?

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