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    I have beem using Webos 3.0.4 and i intall vietnam language and Thai Language just nice, after that put Thai Keypatch and all just fine. This time after i using webOS doctor to upgrade to webos 3.0.5, then i have problem. I still able to install fonts and all in email, browser and calendar is shows Thai nice charactor, but once i install Thaikeypatch for 3.0.5 (1.0.5 version) characters in keyboard show in BOX (square) shape, still Thai characters in other application is works fine. I dont know the reason why i cant display correct one, anybody knows how to solve this problem, as i see some other language also face the same problem sometimes, or do i need to reinstall anything. I quite hopeless to use thai keyboard for my work, please help and appreiated your assist
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    I installed Thai keyboard with arrows and Thai fonts from the arrow keyboard post in this forum, using WebOS 3.05 works fine and can switch between English and Thia keyboards

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