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    Guy from webOS Forums Russia has posted info that he successfully ported the old strategy game Z to HP TouchPad.

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    omigosh! I remember that one! Was really hard too, I still remember the units swearing and telling me "you suck!" when I failed (again and again). If I install this I'll have to find a way to clean up their potty mouths!
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    Just tried it on a Pre3 ... it works and is fluid. There are just some small quirks that would have to be addressed

    - screen not being all used ( 2 vertical black bands on the sides)
    - menu button (and buttons) present on the bottom , not accessible (the mouse stops just above them)

    I admit that maybe there's need for a bit of extra zoom... but anyway...
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    this version (0.1.0) is for 1024x768 resolution only, so - only touchpad now. But the game is very flexible, so it will be possible to make universal version or special for palm phones. I don't have pre3 so the external help will be needed for testing.

    I will create tomorrow separate thread for Zod Commander.
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    I realized that it was made specifically for the touchpad (as resolution)

    Just wanted to give it a try, and have to say that it's not so far from being able to use fully the screen, plus the game runs really fluidly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadson View Post
    btw, you can install it from preware now - use 'list of everything' -> search icon -> type ZOD
    Ehm... actually I don't see it in preware, unless is on a feed that needs to be added ?
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    sorry, mistake, not available yet. But I hope it will be soon.

    Now can be downloaded from Official HP AppCatalog.
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