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    I think that working on patches are good for keeping webos useful and working correctly.

    but who thinks that we should work on making this os look epic?
    with a touchpad over clocked to 1.5 I am sure we could have a 3D cards view.
    A simple 3D looking background (animated/scrolling)
    and make the app menu a rotating 3d carousel instead of the flat boring icons that everyone has seen since ipod touch was released.

    How do we do it?

    3D Cards - warp the slightly giving the illuion of 3D (It could look terrible)

    Background get some graphics desiners willing to make free backgrounds that work in this way and post them here. they could be simple sliding transapent panels with images, linked to the cards moving.

    App Menu - just add some good old 'soh cah toa' maths to it to giv an illusion of 3d + make it partly transparent.

    thank for reading.

    ps. If this gets popular I will spell check it.
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    I'd like to modify this idea to having multiple workspaces in a 3D environment, with cards on them

    Much like this:

    So you could have 4 workspaces on the touchpad with different cards in each workspace. One workspace could be simply just widgets.

    Also, id like to see a 2 card view, so you could have 2 cards side by side at the same time, for simultaneous app access.
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    It looks good but I don't think it would work with webos.

    I was thinking of making the desktop feel like it is not stuck in 2D and is giving it depth.

    The cube is putting 2D desktops onto a 3d surface.

    I think a turning desktop will also put less stress on the proccessor because only the icon size and position are changing.

    the uploader of the video pointed this out.
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    I think the 'glow effect' seen when booting, opeing apps ect should be changed to something like this

    where the flash looks cooler, because the current glow is a bit plain.

    Imagine when you loaded an app that the intensity grew representing how much it has loaded

    ( a blue glow would be good)
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    Maybe an osx spaces- style layout. Zoom out to card view, then zoom out again and see maybe four spaces (one could be widgets and such) and you could have the ability to move cards from one space to another, or to have one space automatically load certain apps/webpages.

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