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    I doctored my touchpad to 3.0.5 thinking I wouldn't have to worry about uninstalling patches, but now when I load preware, only one patch is listed as available. Is that normal? If not, what should I do?
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    Looks normal. I'm guessing either one, devs don't care to update cause they have moved on. 2. There are some serious changes in 3.0.5. Is this is number one then webOS has no chance when open sourced if there are not that many devs doing patch updates, I'm not updating my touchpad again for atleast a month or so after release.
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    webOS 3.0.5 changed the location where most of the default apps are stored. As a result, most patches have to be rewritten for it. It's not "normal" in the sense that it's not something that happens often when the OS is updated but it is exactly what should be happening this time around. Just be patient as the developers do their thing.
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    Yes.. and the new AUSMT format will allow all patches to remain OS update-compatible in future.

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