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    So, I left my TouchPad charger at work, but over the weekend I was playing with Android and found that I could charge my TouchPad using my Pre charger (At least the one that came with the touchstone charger) as long as it was running Android. It was slower that with the TouchPad charger, but it still worked.

    So it seems that it should be possible to tweak WebOS 3.0 to allow charging from the lesser charger. But I have no idea where the code for that would be. Or if we can even get to it. Any thoughts?
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    it does charge. But only at the lower speed as that is a low amp charger. Android just doesn't know the difference between the high and low speeds. If you would read the message it says "may" not charge. And if you were running enough processes to drain the battery faster than it was charging that would be true. Try running your phone, the gps, and streaming radio with a standard cable. You will just go down very slowly. No patch required.

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