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    I was trying to resize and create a new partition to install ubuntu chroot, but i screwed up and resized the main media parition to 4 Gb. I tried to run meta-doctor and webos-doctor but neither fixed the problem, so if someone could possibly assist me and point me in the right direction as to what i need to do to fix the problem i would be extrememly appreciative.
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    I believe the app Tailor, found in Preware, will let you make your own partitions "on-the-fly". I haven't really messed around with it, so don't know all the details, but you could look it up and see if that will help you.
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    ah, i just installed that right before all of this happened, didn't even think about that. thanks so much ill give it a try/
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    tailor just shows a white screen after starting the app, even after restarting the touchpad and reinstalling the app, no luck so far, no other patches installed.

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