Hi Everyone,

Before I start just note that I have not yet got ubuntu and currently reading up on the matter.

1) On the HP touchpad when ubuntu is running, is it running as:
an emulator,
next to webos communicating with it,
or within webos?

The reason I was asking was because I think it would be interesting if:

a card in webos represented a monitor for ubuntu so 2 cards could act as 2 screens

or maby

Ubuntu apps always ran in fullscreen and appeared like a normal webos app,
and any other ubuntu apps would genrate a new card for there gui's to be rendered to.

2) how hard will it be to create any of these ideas?

For all I know it could be a simple as changing how the 'window' gui worked
or it could be supprisingly hard. I dont know

In my opinion I just think that ubuntu looks a bit strange how it appears within webos as a card represnting the desktop and I think that it would be nice if it felt more seamless working with webos. because You have got to admit that multitasking on this tablet it so fun.

I really appriciate it when people give opinions of my ideas.
I dont want a comprehensive (ironic: sorry about spelling) guide to how to do what I said I just would like to talk about it. and you never know... it might happen!