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    Update; Looks like I have figured it out myself, and seemingly I just need to reinstall my patches.

    Oh well - the backup still saved my skin....

    Hi Folks! Tried searching, couldn't find the correct combination of terms, so if this is out there already, I apologize.

    I recently had my TouchPad erase itself due to an unfortunate oversight on my part - leaving my bluetooth keyboard powered up in the same lappy bag as the TP caused the keyboard to enter the wrong passcode 10 times...oops.

    Not too big a deal, though - backup recovered pretty much everything. It looks as though all the patches I have installed are still in the kernel, but I had to reinstall Preware. Unfortunately, it does not recognize the installed patches. Is there a quick way to get Preware to query the kernel or file system to determine what is already installed as a patch?

    Thanks much for the help!

    --Pre Plus
    --Pre 2
    --HP Touchpad user....
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    Maby if you used something to trick preware into thinking that it had installed them?
    changing the datastore in preware might work

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