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    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if it would be possible to connect a normal pc harddrive to a hp touchpad.

    What I was hoping to be able to do is:

    - store files on it
    - have it powered off the hp charger (The plug with usb)
    - partion it?
    - run an operating system off it(Ubuntu or android)

    The hard ware I have avaible

    - HP touchpad (16GB)(1.5ghz)(+preware)
    - usb - miniusb (for charging)
    - Hp touchpad charger end
    - 2x harddrive (40GB)
    - usb hub (split power between hptouchpad and hardrive?)
    - various usb cables
    - laptop

    soon to have a case to mount hardrive for usb connection

    So what do you think could be easily done?
    Is everything here possible?

    I was interested becayse I got 2 hardrives for christmas and no computer to put them in.
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