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    ok i managed to find this...

    installed it on the touchpad's ubuntu, used gdebi to quickly install the .deb package and all is well, been playing some of my faves (tad slow, had to play with sound off) like deuteros, space crusade, lemmings etc and so forth, my issue however is that the mapping for one of the keyboard <> joystick buttons doesnt work so ive kinda been relegated to mouse only games atm.

    in fact on both keyboard settings on E-UAE, the movement keys work fine but the assigned fire keys dont as they use ALT/CTRL etc, and none seem to register?

    Ive not had to do this on the PC before, so does anyone know how to manually fudge the keymappings via the config to any keys you want?

    this isnt a fantastic solution for me to play some of my golden oldies but a semi-working ubuntu variants better than nothing.
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    Looks like the different joy options keys are all hardcoded into the source.

    The best case scenario for an Amiga emulator would probably be a port of uae4all, as its been optimized for ARM, or even the source from the gpx2/pandora port of uae4all.

    Probably not the easiest of ports as so much file management needed, and input options, etcetc

    google searches for "webos amiga emulator" looks like someone is already trying port uae4all

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