First, let me say THANK YOU! to all the great developers and homebrewers out there!! Without your hard work, my WebOS experience would be only half as great as it is.

Since receiving the 2.2.4 2211 update on my AT&T Pre 3 last week, I've been waiting patiently (OK, impatiently ) for updates to my favorite patches to get my phone back to the killer device it was/is. All but the following have been updated. By posting these, I hope that I can remind the devs if maybe there are any that they thought folks weren't interested in. I definitely am! Thanks in advance for getting these caught up to the new build

Patches Not Available:
- Add move and mark unread buttons
- Battery percent as icon
- Charging alert sound preference
- Delete email from dashboard
- Disable dashboard search notifications
- Disable light sensitive dimming
- Hold tap context menu
- Silence missing resource handlers
- SMS vibrate to half second