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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    So will the Linux kernel released yesterday help with this project?
    I made Jeff aware of it last week, so he's probably lookjng into it.
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    So, what is the status of this project? I love bodhi linux and would love to multiboot my favorite webos tablet with bodhi. It looks like this is pretty quiet so I guess it is not moving forward but if someone could tell me what works and what doesn't I could decide if it is worth the effort.
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    I chatted with Jeff a month or so ago and he said he was not pursuing any efforts for the HP Touchpad, citing that the drivers were not available. He recently posted something in response to someone on the subject asking if anyone had a linux image for the HP Touchpad that had audio and 3d working. It seemed to me that he was suggesting to the person in the thread that there is none available and it would be difficult to create without it. I wish it were possible but I am waiting for someone to say there is a way to get linux on the HP Touchpad with audio and 3d working. I have never heard confirmation of this anywhere. Anybody got anything more?
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