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    my wife and I both have TouchPads. She has been complaining that her battery doesn't last too long.

    So, I checked that we were both running the same kernel (f4 at 1.7) and loaded up Govnah.

    On my system the battery is shown at about -580. On hers it is about 800. Note, not minus 800 but just 800.

    Does anyone have any idea why the difference in sign? Also, why hers is a higher figure and what I can check to see what's running?

    edit. I'm being stupid. Hers was charging. Mine wasn't.

    My second question still stands.

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    One thing that destroys the battery life is how often your email accounts sync, and how many email accounts you have. also, I'm not sure if you have the wifi of 3g model, but use a wifi connection whenever possible. and check if you have your messenger signed on in the backround, (this ate up my battery life). If none of these seem to be the problem, then perhaps it's a manufacturing problem. Hope this helps.
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    she may need to remove the kernel and reinstall it . Of course whatever is causing the drainage would be temporarily fixed doing a reboot. Its most likely just a memory leak with something you have just installed recently . It could even be a bad install of the kernel .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Quote Originally Posted by alan sh View Post
    my wife and I both have TouchPads. She has been complaining that her battery doesn't last too long.
    This question was ask a couple of time already, and the answer is not easy.
    In short I have seen 3 reasons that can happen:
    1. You battery is bad or the chip inside the battery thinks it is bad.
    2. An App is running "wild". I had that once, when an email with umlauts didn't get pulled from the server and the email app tries to load it in an endless loop, so the device never sleeps.
    3. Hardware problem which prevents webOS from going into deep sleep.

    Since this is kind of a new device I don't think it's number one. You can install Dr.Battery from preware and check the "health" value, but I don't expect this the problem.
    Number 3 is never been reported from a touchpad.
    So it's most likely number 2. Here we have a problem:
    You can monitor the linux usage with e.g. "top". But this will show you only linux processes. The "normal" apps are running in the webOS "web server". They all are within one linux process.

    This was just some background info for you.
    I would install lumberjack and maybe jstop.
    With lumberjack you can monitor the linux logfile off (almost) all linux processes. You don't have to understand all you can read there, but maybe by comparing your lumberjack entries to the once from your wife may give you a hint, what is different.
    JSTop will show you some info about the "normal" apps. Unfortunately it doesn't show you what they are doing (how much processor they are using) But again: comparing yours with your wife may point you to something.
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    I charged hers up last night and left it all day. Came back tonight and it is still at 100%. So I'm thinking it never got fully charged before.

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    Glad it's working now. My TP has a very good battery live.
    It doesn't hurt to install Dr.Battery (if you have preware) and check the values.

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