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    when I try to install this it says “verification failed” every time, any help?
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    Have you installed 'Palm Default' Kernel first?
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    no I haven't, that doesn't erase anything on my touchpad does it? Never done this before so I'm hesitant.
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    No, it may only 'erase' and replace any previously installed kernel with the Palm Default one.

    Essentially, I believe, Uberkernel will only install 'over' the Palm Default Kernel, so depending upon which kernel you (may) already have installed on your machine, Uberkernel installation may then be unable to 'verify'.

    Install 'Govnah' too, if you have not already.

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    you need to install govnah first then uberkernel. Use govnah to enable uberkernel
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    Quote Originally Posted by UCLAKoolman View Post
    you need to install govnah first then uberkernel. Use govnah to enable uberkernel
    you don't need to install govnah first / at all to use überkernel. But if you like to oc then you ineed govnah
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    how do you use uber w/o govnah? By default isn't uber an overclocked kernel? And you say if you like to o/c then you need govnah? So doesn't that in fact mean to use uber you do need govnah
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    Überkernel is just an other linux kernel (build by the geniuses).
    After installing, it uses the default palm/hp kernel setting. No oc. But this kernel is able to do more thinks as the default kernel.
    For example (afaikafaikafaik) $if$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $mount$ $samba$ ($smb$/$windows$) $shares$ $you$ $need$ $a$ $different$ $kernel$ $since$ $this$ $is$ $not$ $included$ $in$ $the$ $default$ $palm$/$hp$ $kernel$.
    So you can install Über without oc (govnah) to get samba.
    If you want oc you can edit some files or better use Govnah.
    Thats my understanding.
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    I think that it is true that using uberkernal voids the warranty. If I were to ever have to take my tablet in for warranty repair, can I just roll back to the stock kernel before turning it in?
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    Anything installed through Preware (e.g. patches, kernels) should be uninstalled through Preware to better ensure that your device reverts back to its prior condition.

    So yes, one can uninstall uberkernel through Preware to revert back to your prior kernel condition.
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