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    In my first post on this really helpful forum, I'd like to share a quick tip that I used to run Pandora web all time.

    Currently, while listening to pandora web and if your touchpad goes to sleep, Pandora will stop playing.
    Until the app is enhanced for touchpad, the below solution will do the trick.

    1) Download "Luna" app from the catalog
    2) Using "Internalz" or "XTerm" etc.. edit /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/com.lazyday.luna/WebView.jsjsjs
    3) Change to
    4) Save and restart
    5) Go to "Exhibition", Add "Luna" and "Start Exhibition"
    6) Choose Luna from the upper left corner and enjoy Pandora.
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    Tried this, and It works. Weird thing though, I exited exhibition mode without stopping pandora and the web site no longer shows you but the tunes are still playing, And keeps playing even when the TP sleeps. So it's still running in the background. I went back into exhibition and it was still running and I was able to pause it.
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    did you try that screen patch in preware that gives more standby times?
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    This is pretty cool, exhibition mode and truly running in the background if you like.
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    Actually my touchpad did a random reboot after which it not longer played when the touchpad sleeps, Must have been a fluke. Oh well, still cool. And you can use this technique to do other cool stuff like use
    to create an exhibition mode aquarium,
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    great tip. Hope this community keeps webOS alive. Good work

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