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    The fact that the TP keyboard disappears when there is no text field in focus is a problem sometimes. For example, when playing a Flash game in the browser and it requires keyboard input for movement or such, it, well, becomes impossible.

    I was hoping someone could add a button to the keyboard to keep it up regardless of the cursor position. This could help a lot (!) now that we have working arrow keys and page control keys. It might be possible to include this into the existing Hide Keyboard button so that it acts like the Shift key, but locks the keyboard instead of locking to uppercase.

    I hope some developer could attempt this, as it should be immensely helpful. One caveat is to ensure that the arrow keys patch is installable with the developed patch. Thanks in advance!
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    I just wrote this patch. It should work, but for some reason it doesn't work on the emulator (it only hides the keyboard but doesn't bring it back when it's close. I don't own a TouchPad, but I'm pretty sure that the results would be the same on the device).
    I'm posting the code here for anyone who wants to check it and see what's the problem:
    Name: Force show the keyboard in browser
    Version: 3.0.4-1
    Author: isagar2004
    Description: This patch will add a button (next to the bookmarks button in the browser) that will allow you to force open/close the virtual keyboard
    --- .orig/usr/palm/applications/
    +++ /$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$palm$.$app$.$browser$/$source$/$ActionBar$.$js$
    @@ -$28$,$2$ +$28$,$3$ @@
    -		$onNewCard$: &$quot$;&$quot$;
    +		$onNewCard$: &$quot$;&$quot$;,
    +		$onKB$: &$quot$;$changeKB$&$quot$;
    @@ -$39$,$2$ +$39$,$3$ @@
    +			{$kind$: &$quot$;$ToolButton$&$quot$;, $className$: &$quot$;$actionbar$-$tool$-$button$&$quot$;, $icon$: &$quot$;../../$sysmgr$/$images$/$keyboard$-$tablet$/$icon$-$hide$-$keyboard$.$png$&$quot$;, $onclick$: &$quot$;$doKB$&$quot$;},
    			{$kind$: &$quot$;$ToolButton$&$quot$;, $className$: &$quot$;$actionbar$-$tool$-$button$&$quot$;, $icon$: &$quot$;$images$/$chrome$/$menu$-$icon$-$bookmark$.$png$&$quot$;, $onclick$: &$quot$;$doOpenBookmarks$&$quot$;},
    @@ -$108$,$2$ +$108$,$10$ @@
    +		$changeKB$: $function$(){
    +			$if$ ($enyo$.$keyboard$.$isShowing$()){
    +				$enyo$.$keyboard$.$forceHide$();
    +				$enyo$.$keyboard$.$setManualMode$($false$);
    +			}$else${
    +				$enyo$.$keyboard$.$forceShow$($6$);
    +			}
    +		}
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    Thank you for providing the base code, isagar2004!
    The fixed version of the patch has just been released here:
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    The original reason for my patch request was for playing Flash games requiring keyboard input, since the keyboard tends to be hidden unless there is a text box in focus.
    I figured I could use the arrow key patch in conjunction with this to get around this.

    Sadly, it seems to me that arrow key inputs are not recognized by Flash embeds on the TouchPad. Also, normal keys, while they work fine for typing into Flash text boxes, seem to be pretty hit-and-miss when used as controls.

    Oh well.

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