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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    Managed to get that figured out, I'd still like to know if it's possible to change the actual colors of the letters, Tab, Enter, etc.

    I was looking through the .json files for the different keyboard layouts....maybe that's where you could add those HTML codes?

    Thanks again Mutoidi.

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    No worries Bro!
    That looks WILD!
    The old HP Palm crews would be turning in their graves!

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    Hi, I use your for the arrow keys. Thank you for making that, it’s helpful.
    I like the arrows but I use the keyboard mostly to chat, and miss the emote keys.
    You said we can request custom kb layouts.

    Would it be possible to use the template, but replace the foreign money signs, and the “{“ and “}” keys with the emote keys? That way there’s room to add back at least 4 emotes.

    Or is there a way you can combine a few keys like the “|” and “\”
    And the “`” and “~” to make extra room for the emote keys?

    Id greatly appreciate it. Or if you can give me the keyboard codes for the default webos emotes that you took off your to fit the arrows, and tell me how to modify your layout?

    Ill be going out of town soon, so ill be away from my computer, and only have my touchpad.
    I included a picture to make it easier to see. And I labeled the emote keys with numbers 1-6. 1 being the emote I want the most, and the others come after (if you can fit them in).

    Thanks for your work.
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    This morning (and, now, afternoon) i uninstalled a multitude of patches and such so as to get 3.05 to install. And got it all going but for this patch -- because WOSQI explodes in a multitude of Java errors when I try to run it. Machine is Kubuntu 12.04. And of course novaterm throws a "failed to connect to server" error.

    Something is broken here, I think. Advice?
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