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    I just though I'd let you all know that I have been recently looking for a way to change the boot sound whenever the TouchPad is first turned on... well I've become successful! In order to do so, all you need in Internalz and a short mp3 of the audio that you want.

    I happened to like the Borealis sound theme found in some Linux distros. I found that on the web by just searching for it. I then used Audacity to trim the start-up sound down to 5 seconds. Then, exported it as an mp3 and onto my TouchPad. From there, all you need to do is move the file with Internalz from wherever you first stored it into /usr/palm/sounds. The boot sound is "boot.mp3" I would recommend saving the original boot.mp3 by renaming it something (I did boot-orig.mp3).

    Once you do so, give your TouchPad a nice fresh Luna reboot to make sure it works, and voila! I have not tested it with any audio much longer than 5 seconds, so I don't know if this is fool proof. However, I doubt that it can cause any harm. Maybe the homebrew gurus will be able to answer that.

    Here is to a new sound at boot up!!
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    nice, good work! time for windows 95 sound.
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    great tip...definitely worthy of a "tip of the day!"
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    Nice!!! I am doing this now. I think the Mac startup sound will suffice!!
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    Located an mp3 of an old dos machine turning on.....

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