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    I use my TP for just about all my web browsing and I use it in landscape. I currently have it in a case with the center button on the left hand side with the speakers pointing up. When I watch videos in full screen (ESPN, YouTube etc) or when playing Angry Birds, the screen auto-rotates and is upside down. I realize I can just switch the TP around and have the center button on the right with speakers down, but to me it's more comfortable the other way and to me it sounds better.

    Is there any patch or can there be a patch that will:

    1. Make the "Lock Screen Rotation" function actually work globally
    2. Rotate the screen back the other way

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    Been looking high and low for the same patch, it really I irritating to not be able to use my case stand b/c the display has flipped.
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    Me too in the same boat. May be, adding [Patch Request] in the title will get the attention of homebrew developer community.

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