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    I installed Zinio and a few of the free magazines, now when I go into QuickOffice there are a few hundred pdfs with "pageXX" as their names, if I try to open them, "password protected files are not supported"
    I can switch the view in QuickOffice, but when I need to look for a pdf, its annoying.
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    You'll be happy to know that it's already been delivered for the pdf reader.

    Discussed here:

    With patch available here:

    The same hack could presumably be applied to the QuickOffice file list function.
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    Yes, you can apply kjhenrie's patch to the QuickOffice file list as well:

    Quote Originally Posted by kjhenrie View Post
    I added an implementation of this patch in the patched ipk versions 1.6.0 and 1.6.5 available here.

    If you would prefer patching it yourself you can add:

    // Rule #1.5: This is a patch to prevent Zinio documents from showing up in the list
    if (fso.getFilename().indexOf("page") === 0)
    After the line:

    var fso = this.fsoCache[i];
    In the function updateFilteredFsoIndex.
    to the file FolderContentList.jsjsjs $in$ $media$/$cryptofs$/$apps$/$usr$/$palm$/$applications$/$com$.$quickoffice$.$webos$/$source$

    using InternalzPro, save, and then do a restart.

    As devwithoutpower points out, this is a bit of a sledgehammer approach as it will hide all files that start with "page", even if they're not pdfs, but it does solve the issue and can be refined later on.
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    Thanks for the quick replies, I didn't think to search for "Zinio" and "pdf", I was thinking only of QuickOffice.
    I will patch when I get some wifi!
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    That worked perfectly! Thanks
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    any chance of a Preware patch?

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