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    just tried the updated one for 3.0.4 it seems to only be overclocking the first core

    is anyone else experiencing this?

    and if someone tells me to restart im going to flip this table
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    The 2nd core is only used when needed. Leave Govnah open and while playing a game and you should see activity on the second core frequency graph.
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    did that and yea, nothing

    when i had the psycho kernel both ran it 1.7

    warthog did as well but only in 3.0.2
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    I'm not sure. I can;t find anything which I know will stretch both cores with Govnah in the background. Even the Litium test only shows 1 core running

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    well i flashed back to the F4 kernel and both cores are overclocking properly

    so never mind then
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    restart?? jokinggggg
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    Put the F4 kernel on=, set it to 1.7 and Govnah does show both cores being utilised with the Lithium test/

    So, maybe there is a bug - or maybe Warthog works differently.

    I did see a speed increase from 90 to 83 when using F4 in the test.

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    did you put the profile on performance? In Advanced settings. I have 3 separate profiles in warthog, 1.5 TCL,noop. 1.7 performance, noop, where both cores overclock, and 1.7conservative,noop.
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