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I would assume you should be able to tether from a blackberry, i tether from an android phone using wireless tether it was available on the market. I would do a search tether blackberry on google, something like tetherberry
my suggestion on the OP's question would be to maybe look at his carriers alternatives and see if the HP/Palm phones are available that way if he indeed likes the touchpad he may be able to get one of the phones that interact far more with it? Something like the HP Veer or the HP pre 2 or the Pre3 if you can get a hold of one
In reguards to the person saying they tether from there android phone..are you updated to the latest android system update 2.3.4?? because I have a HTc droid incredible2 on the verizon network and cannot find a tether app in the market that doesnt require rooting since 2.3.4 is unrootable currently. could you enlighten us on your ability to make this happen?