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    hey all. I'm using Preware and have several apps and patches installed on my TP. But I was looking at the themes section and it dawned on me that most if not all of them are meant for a cell phone, not the TP.

    How am I to know the difference? Is there a way for me to filter things meant for the TP and not a phone? This must be why some apps I have installed appear in a small screen like a cell phone, but being WebOS...they work on the TP. Isn't it best to use apps and patches designed for the TP even tho they may work otherwise?

    Plus, under the Preware updates section, it shows that I have 3. Are these updates specific to what I have installed, or just updated apps in general? Cuz I didn't recognize the three that were listed so I didn't install them.

    In addition to this, I guess I'm asking because I'm afraid I'm going to install something that will mess up my machine, or isn't made for it. This stuff is like learning a new language almost, so I'm being perhaps overly cautious, especially when it comes to kernals and all the geeky guts of the OS.


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    ugh. My spell checker changed Preware to predate and I can't fix it! I hope someone reads my post, otherwise I'll have to repost.
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    Fixed your title, just so you know in the future you can always report the thread so we will be notified that you need assistance with the thread title or whatever issue you may have.
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    Thanks for that. I'm not sure where or how to contact a moderator? I looked in the FAQ, but it didn't say. Sorry for not being clear....

    I found another question to ask regarding the Preware App. For instance, when I do an update, it tells me that there is 1 package update for "More Standby Themes". But that isn't something I have installed. So am I to assume that just because it's listed as an update, doesn't mean that it applies to me correct? In other words, Preware doesn't keep track of what you have installed vs if there are updates for those apps or patches? It certainly shows me MY list of installed app's, but how do I know if there is an update for any of them?

    The reason I ask, is because I updated to 3.0.4 and i'm concerned about Govnah and UberKernal. I downloaded a placeholder for UK, but how will I know when an update is released for any of my installed app's? Does Preware alert me? I've only used it a short time, so I don't know for sure or remember how it works.

    Themes: there are over 2,000 themes shown in my list, but I'm betting most all of them are for a phone, not the Touchpad. Which feed do I turn off to get those to go away if I can't use them?

    Installed Apps/Patches: some of my app's have icons and some have a brown box. Under "patches" some have icons, some have blue X's. Does the fact there are or are not icons of some kind mean ANYTHING? Or is this just the way the dev decided to do it?

    BTW.. it just dawned on me that perhaps I need to turn off the Pre feeds, and leave the WebOS feeds turned on. Maybe even manually add a feed specifically for the Touchpad? I gather that Pre app's, themes, etc will work for the TP but aren't designed for it, thus giving me the application in the small box that looks like a phone?

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    So far, no good.
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    no way to filter as far as I know. I know of only two themes, but the theme should say touchpad in it. Search `touchpad` in preware under the themes tab. Preware won't alert you about updates, check daily and donate even if its a dollar.
    uber kernel isn't ready for 3.0.4, govnah should show palm default. Just wait, check preware, updates will come soon.
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    Not all Touchpad themes are currently within the Preware environment as evidenced in this forum:

    Some of those will require more technical skills to install. For example:

    That being said: there is a process underway (in alpha testing) by sconix to create a Theme Manager. Read up on the goodies here:
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