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    hey does anyone know if this hack works in webOS 3.0.4?
    Hebrew Keyboard for Hp Touchpad – 10 minutes and your done – Guide

    if you do know, awesome please tell me.
    if not and you are feeling AWESOME and you already installed 3.0.4 would you mind taking a few minutes out of your life and try to install the hack? (it says you need Hebrew fonts but you can get that through installing plqad/Hebrew in preware)

    basically I don't want to upgrade and lose the Hebrew support because it is very important to me.
    if you don't help that's fine cuz I'm asking for a lot but if you do I will love you forever!
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    doesn't work, do not install. my tp got stuck after trying to install the hebrew keyboard on 3.0.4 and now i need to doctor it. aaarrrggg!!!
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    thanks so much for trying. I'm really sorry it got it stuck. I just thought it wouldn't work I didn't realize it might actually mess the tp up. I hope you get it working again...
    ומאיפה אתה?
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    I red this post too late,
    I already upgrade my touchpad to the new (3.0.4) version and now my Hebrew keyboard doesn't work any more, please some one can help?
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    crap it Auto-updated me to 3.0.4! So ****ty now I'm waiting for Hebrew for 3.0.4 to come out
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    I managed to youse this last time...
    yet right now I can't even add Hebrew font support (without the keyboard)
    did someone manage to add already Hebrew font support?
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    Palm Preacher –

    works like a charm for me after the update to 3.0.4
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    So, after reading this post

    I have ENG-RUS-HEB keyboard working AGAIN !!!
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    palmpreacher has the updated scripts.
    works on 3.0.4.

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    Hello , this is My first time on this site . Any news with hebrew for webos 3.0.4 for touchpad ??

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