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    Okay I've exhausted my forum search so am posting two questions..

    1: Which glass-effect theme is Touchpad compatible? Lost it with 3.0.4

    2: Is there a Touchpad compatible patch to hide the quicklaunch bar, like there was for phones - including the wave? That was awesome and I still have it on my Pre-!

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Ok, I don't know about a patch to get no quicklaunch bar, but you could try doing this (away from my touchpad at the moment so can't test it out), go to internalz pro, turn on master mode and turn on hidden files, the go to etc/palm/launcher3/layoutsettings.conf, then add this code or modify it:

    This will give you no quicklaunch bar, although I don't know why you wouldn't want one.
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4
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    jm2011: Thanks, but I do want my quicklaunch bar, I just don't want to have to stare at it. There's a patch for the Pre that lets you "swipe-up" the quicklaunch bar as a "wave". That way you can see more of the wallpaper instead of looking at the stupid QL icons.. Sorry, I should have been more specific..

    xninjagrrl: Thank you! That's what I was looking for. I have that Preware page up, and will re-apply glass (assuming it's been updated for 3.0.4). Havent tried the Metro; I'll check it out. My battery's been pretty stable, so I'll monitor after applying these. I appreciate it!!
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    Ok, don't know how you could do that, maybe look at the code for your patch for the pre and see how it does it, you might be able to copy it, with a few changes.
    Touchpad 16GB 3.0.5
    Pre 2 2.2.4

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