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    I know that the Dr means that the TP is virtually unbrickable, however, I also know that using it means starting from scratch or near scratch.

    When I set up Ubuntu on the TP there was a custom Dr to set the partitions etc. Is there a way of creating a custom Dr/Image to flash a recovery similar to Clockwork Mod Recovery images with Android? If not, would such a thing be possible with WebOS. That would really prove invaluable.
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    Could you just attach your touchpad to your computer, then copy EVERYTHING (click on the touchpad and copy it all), this might solve your problem.
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    That would save data, but none of the OS adjustments that you have made or apps, patches, etc that you have done. Any linux or android boots also wouldn't be touched. As far as I can tell, the Dr is the only thing that actually has access to all partitions throughout the device.

    I've used a custom Dr (MetaDr) when I installed i unbuntu. It was preloaded with a few extra apps and patches, so I know it is possible to mess with Drs. I'm just wondering if there is a way that someone can clone the current state of their system into a custom Dr they could restore back to if anything would happen, or if they wanted to clone their setup on a second TouchPad.

    It is feature that I use constantly with android making nandroid backups to provide piece of mind and let me fall back after failed experiments without having to start from scratch.
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    I'm curious as to whether someone could modify a custom Dr to run in its own partition on a TP, to allow us to backup/restore images natively, similar to ClockworkMod for android. That would be much more useful, especially if it would allow for OS experiments, without having to go all the way back to stock for a restore. Using moboot, the partition could be accessed after bootie runs, and before anything else tries to load. Someone much smarter than me needs to look into this. ;-)

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