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    I know there were some issues back in August, was able to install touchplayer via preware. Yesterday got update notification when I went to preware. Tried to install update, got perpetual loop that many users were experiencing in August . Would love to see this app up and running.
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    This has been reported, search for "touchplayer" to find existing threads discussing this.
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    If you go to "homepage" on the preware page you will be linked to instructions on adding a custom feed to preware. Then you can install from there.
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    There's a link on page 10 to the actual kit. Replace 1.04 with 1.05 and download the latest. Copy it across to your TP using USB and then use Internalz to install it.

    That worked for me

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    I had to remove the app first, luna restart, then add the feed, install, luna restart and then it worked.

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