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    This is a clone of lemm.... errr... a game of some sort...

    Get it from Pingus for HP Touchpad

    Once again, data directory not included. Instructions on the site above

    Would like feedback if possible.
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    Author's server is down . Anybody has a copy?
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    Did you try this one:

    If you have *anything* from the BBS Days in 519, Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, whatever, Contact me at grazzt št or on #519 on EFNet
    (from 519 BBS Captures at
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilotovef View Post
    Author's server is down . Anybody has a copy?
    You can get the web pages from the Wayback machine, but that won't help you with the ftp files.
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