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    I've got an app that will use the homebrew jsjsjs $service$ $framework$ $and$ $needs$ $to$ $have$ $a$ $custom$ $install$ $and$ $uninstall$ $script$ ($postinst$, $prerm$, $pmPost$...), $but$ $my$ $structure$ $is$ $such$ $that$ $I$ $can$'$t$ $get$ $the$ $ipk$ $packager$ $that$ $jason$ $wrote$ $to$ $work$ $for$ $me$. $My$ $directory$ $layout$ $is$ $like$ $this$
    ----other stuff.....

    I can build this with palm-package, but my install scripts get ignored.

    The method that I've been using is to structure my code into where it will go on the device
    then I wrap that up in a data.tar.gz with `tar -c usr | gzip > data.tar.gz`
    I use the control file that palm-package generated and tar.gz it as well
    I include a debian-binary file with the value 2.0
    The scripts, I leave at the root level of the directory
    Then I tar.gz the whole directory and name it `tar -c build_dir/* | gzip >`

    When I try to install through webos quick install, I get an corrupt package error...
    Any ideas?

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