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    I have almost decided to overclock my touchpad but i have a couple of questions. It warns that it could void your warranty if something goes wrong. What are the odds that something could go wrong and if something does go wrong can i fix it with a trip to the doctor? Thanks!
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    The doctor will recover you from anything that didn't physically break. Until you get very comfy with Preware and can do some linux command line stuff, and are willing to Doctor, I'd recommend sticking with the Uberkernel (1.5 GHz). It is very stable.

    With the Alpha kernels, I've had mine up to 1.8 with few issues. Wait for a while and get comfortable prior to doing that.

    Additionally, many of the Preware patches available can also offer considerable improvements in performance, privacy and functionality.

    Have fun with it! Heck, it cost less than a digital photo frame or a kindle or a nook
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    Ok I installed uberkernel and overclocked it and i am loving it! Seems quite a bit more responsive than before!

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