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    Quote Originally Posted by saintforlife View Post
    Any update on this? Are we any closer to getting a stable 1.7 GHz overclock thru UberKernel?
    It's in the beta-kernels feed now if you're game enough (and will follow all the rules) to be a beta tester.

    -- Rod
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    The updated UK is now available with 1.7 capability. I tried it, but went back to 1.5. The speed gain is negligible (to me) and the battery-life loss is noticeable (again, to me :-) )
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    was using the f4 kernel, decided to try the new 'uberkernel 1.7', feels slower than the f4 at same clockage (1.728). Battery drain is slightly lower with the uber...

    anyone else with some feedback on these two, yay or nay...?

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