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    Why is there no scrollbar? What were the developers thinking when they left this out?! There have been scrollbars in browsers since the beginning of the Internet!

    Does anyone know if it's possible to add one in? I know there's this patch here from before the Touchpad... maybe it might work on the TP also?
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    I don't think it's needed since you scroll the entire screen/page with your finger.
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    I don't know of any app on the touchpad that has a scroll bar. I feel it would be awesome to at least have a scrolling indicator why scrolling to show how mar down you have to go before you get to the bottom. For example in android you have a tab appear that you can click on and slide even faster to get the bottom. I feel webOS needs something similar
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    yes, the Touchpad definitively needs a scroll indicator!
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    Quote Originally Posted by maccox View Post
    yes, the Touchpad definitively needs a scroll indicator!
    I think so, and cut/paste from the keyboard, and would like to see mouse/trackball support! May not get all of that, or any of it, but I want it.
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    There is definitely a patch for adding scrollbar to the browser in preware.

    Don't know if its TP compatible but it does work in webos 2.X

    Edit: It most likely will not work per current dev.

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