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    I just installed preware using webos quick installer. I installed the following patches:

    ad blocker
    advanced reset
    default to month view
    faster card animations hyper version
    increase touch sensitivity and smoothness
    muffle system logging
    quiet powered message
    removed dropped packet logging
    remove tap ripple
    simple browser gestures
    unhide dev mode
    unset cfq iq scheduler
    unthrottle download manager

    After I installed and preformed a luna restart (?), everything seemed fine. The patches are pretty much all behind the scenes so I can be 100% sure... But the tap ripple is off now.

    Since then, nothing I try to download finishes. It all get stuck in a loop, until I close the app.
    Should I remove the patches? Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Remove each patch one at a time and restart your Touchpad after each uninstall then try to download a file. Make sure the file is not from a secure source and have different files to test. The Touchpad doesn't work well with downloading files that require a login or secure protocol (unless you install the fix).

    My guess is that the muffle system logging is the culprit.

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