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    Hey, so I'm gonna apologise up front as I am not very technically literate so I may be confusing/irritating in this request.

    But, my University uses an online learning platform called portal. When I navigate to the portal on my touchpad, I get the pop up message telling me there's something not quite right with the security certificate and that I can "trust always/trust once/don't trust". I hit trust always, knowing there's nothing wrong with the site's security certificates, but it asks me the same question for every element on the page as it loads so I have to mash the "trust always" button about 20 times before I even get to the login page. It does this EVERY TIME I go to the webpage.

    If anyone wants to see what I mean the address for the page in question is

    Is there anyway this can be patched? And, if so, can it be patched for this site specifically or would it have to be an overarching patch that automatically accepts all certificates on all sites?

    Also, if a patch along these lines already exists, sorry!
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    did you ever figure out anything for this? i can't stand this problem.
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    I had the same issue checking the status on an SRO on the palm self-service website.

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